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Toy Flintlock Pistol

This replica of a Flintlock Pistol was created in 17 th century style, it is a top-grade addition to all Toy shop or collections.

Flintlock Toy Guns

This marvel legends Toy accessories Flintlock Pistol is a top-grade addition to your gi joe Toy collection, it comes with two melee weapons and a selection of accessories. The Toy Flintlock Pistol is a classic example of vintage davy crockett Flintlock pirate pistol, this gun features a vintage davy crockett Flintlock grip and coincides with the design from the original bros. This is a classic example of add-on technology that is in use today, the Pistol also features a working Flintlock action, making it ready for use in a pre-determined moment in the future. This Toy Flintlock Pistol is an excellent addition to Toy guns collection! It comes with four souvenir toys and is sure to add excitement and excitement! This Toy Flintlock Pistol is an 16-scale Toy version of the popular jack sparrow Flintlock pistol, it includes many of the features and capabilities of the real gun, but with a different barrel and grip. It is fantastic for a person interested in jack sparrow history and/or Toy gun history.