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Street Sharks Toys

Street Sharks is an unique retailer of vintage figure figures! All of their figure figures are unique and unique! They have a wide selection of figures and different sizes to choose from, they also have a large variety of colors and colors options.

Street Sharks Jab Toy

The Street Sharks is a classic toy action figure that is back in action! This toy is filled and is sure to entertain kids! The toy offers a lobster-like body and a small, changeable brain, and is sure to keep children entertained! Street Sharks is a rare toy action figure from the 1994 holiday season, he is a colorful, slobbery-dipped lobster with a bright red, orange, and yellow skin and gamine-style hair. He is loved and desired by all who see him, Street Sharks was created by a team of two, and and is author of the Street Sharks novel. The toy was first realized in the early 1990 s when was a student at the university of mexico, the novel "street sharks: the vice of a legend" is set during his time. This 4 x4 is an outstanding addition to your Street Sharks collection! It features a colorful Street scene design on the sides and is uncomplicated to operate with only one button for control, this toy is furthermore in excellent condition and is first-rate for providing excitement and excitement in the living room! Looking for a charming substitute to represent the adage "street justice" in your social media posts? Examine this rare vintage 90 s toys Street Sharks action figures are first-rate addition to your social media arsenal for representing the "street hard-on" factor.