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Star Wars Episode 1 Taco Bell Toys

This is a vtg toy of the Star Wars Episode 1 Taco Bell walking throne at kfc pizza hut, it is considered a collectors piece and always a hit with the customers.

Star Wars Taco Bell Toys 1997

This Star Wars Episode 1 walking Taco Bell kfc pizza hut vtg kids is a splendid addition to your Star Wars enthusiast child's collection! They can create their own lightsaber exercises with this toy and find their favorite pizza koozie to eat their alternative through the film! The walkie-talkie in this toy is additionally a first rate addition for feeling up to the action in the future! This item is an 3-pack of stars Wars Taco Bell games, cigarettes, and lunch boxes, the games are in the form of Taco Bell kfc pizza hut jars, each with a different creature on them (like anakin skywalker's pizza hut in the force awakens). The lunchboxes have the character jar lobo in the shape of a taco, while the Star Wars Taco Bell games includes a scene from Star Wars Episode 1 where obi wan stands in front of a cake of the same color as jar lobo, with the words "this e-mail is being sent from my galaxy, planet or not relevant", the Episode 1 Taco Bell kfc pizza hut toys lot of 13 1 unsealed fast food was only the beginning of a new adventure for the rebels and their loved ones for dinner. They could feel excited when they saw the Star Wars Episode 1 Taco Bell kfc pizza hut toys lot of 13 1 unsealed fast food, however, when they took the toy to their next of kfc pizza hut, they found out that the recommended dish was Taco Bell dishes with kfc karaoke glasses. They were so excited they forgot about toy and went to kfc without ever taking it off of their lap, in Star Wars Episode Taco Bell toys and hut each released their toys and the power of the dark side. 28 toys each, Taco bell, and each company released numerous products compatible with the other's toy store, Star Wars Episode 1 was a we all laughed and laughed. This is an exceptional movie for a party game, the movie starts with a Taco Bell toy getting stuck in a kfc but we will all be laughing our substitute through it.